Instruments of destruction awaiting their destiny.

From left to right, Ernie Ball Axis SuperSport, Mongrel Fender Strat, Ovation Acoustic - all with internal Roland GK2 pickups. Case is by Gator (also used to transport midi module and LCD screen).

LCD Monitor and Yorkville Stage Monitor.

This is simply a 5 1/4" LCD monitor that I rigged to a mic stand. I takes a video signal from the WX2 Module to display lyrics.

Monitor in action.

This is what I see on a dark stage.

Main Rack Top View.

(From top) Mackie 1402 Mixer - Chandler CP1200 Power Conditioner - Alto Audio Headphone Amp - BBE 862 Sonic Maximizer - Roland Stereo EQ - TC Helicon VoicePrism - Roland JV1010 - Peavey Profex (for Mandolin). Rack sits on a Yorkville Powered Sub.

Front view of Rack.

Front of stage picture.

Mackie SRM 450's on each side of stage. Chicken wire not yet installed.

Sergei's side of the stage.

Keyboards, Sax, and Leslie Cab. Foot controller for Yorkville lights is in centre of picture.

Roland VG-88

The best guitar processor on the planet. Footswitch for VoicePrism is on the right.

WK2 Midi Arranger Module on quicklok stand.

I combine the internal sounds with the JV-1010. The WX2 sounds are a little darker, the JV is quite bright. Together, they work great. A S-Video connector on the back of the WX2 connects to my little LCD monitor to display lyrics. This unit also plays direct from the internal hard disk, so there is no load time for new songs. This is a great piece of gear.